Today in the city Prairie Grove 28.05.2017
Group Sues to Continue Helping Immigrants With Paperwork

The U.S. Justice Department has ordered a Seattle-based immigrant rights group to halt a large part of the work it does to advise immigrants of their legal rights and help them fill out paperwork.

Environmental Group, State Regulators Behind Mining Bill

A powerful environmental group and the state Department of Environmental Protection are behind a bill they say would create strict rules allowing mining in Maine.

Group That Skipped on Bar Bill Pays up After Online Shaming

A group that skipped out on a tab has returned to pay up after the suburban Milwaukee bar used Facebook shaming in an effort to collect.

Indonesia Pushes to Ban Hard-Line Islamist Group

Indonesia’s top security minister said that the government will move to disband a hard-line Islamist group that is seeking to establish a transnational caliphate, as the world’s largest Muslim-majorit...

Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Turned Down Chance to Join Group Bidding on Marlins

Former MLB star Alex Rodriguez reportedly turned down an opportunity to join a group led by Tagg Romney and longtime Atlanta Braves starting pitcher Tom Glavine that's looking to purchase the Mia...

Sheryl Sandberg explains how she’s coping with her husband’s death, how Mark Zuckerberg has helped her, and why ‘grief leave’ is as important as maternity leave

Sheryl Sandberg has had to figure out how to continue living her life, one she never would have chosen — option B. Het bericht Sheryl Sandberg explains how she’s coping with her husband’s...

Indian WhatsApp group admin arrested for sharing 'offensive content' - CNET

Police have arrested a WhatsApp group admin after a member shared a photoshopped picture of India's prime minister Narendra Modi.

Hillary Clinton might launch a new political group next week

After making the rounds at some women-centric events this spring, Hillary Clinton may be ready to re-enter the world of politics. Politico reported Thursday that Clinton is gearing up to launch a new...

American Gods is good at gore and even better at grief

American Gods — Starz's lush adaptation of Neil Gaiman's epic novel of the same name — manages to be faithful to its darkly funny, depressive, and twisty source text while adding some layers of its ow...

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